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   7 Reasons Why We Blog.
Why all these people all around the world, blogg so much nowadays? Check out this 7 reasons, and decide if it is for you!.

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Have you ever asked yourself, why do you blog? Maybe you never thought why you should do it? In these modern era of the Internet connections, there are more than 100 million of various blogs. Would you like to know, why those blogs even exist and what purposes their prospective owners have with this writing? After all, it's time consuming too, isn't it?

Have you ever tried to earn some money on the internet? Until recently, to earn money online was not so easy for common people like us. Some 7 years ago, the earning was reserved to some lucky 'gurus', that knew how to fully exploit the power of internet, mixed with selling and marketing strategies. Then the WEB 2.0 era came by. For us, commoners, the only way to make some money in those times was to create a website, to promote it, and sell some advertising space.

Today everything is different. Blog fever is rising from day to day, and everyone, who heard something about blogs, want to have one.
So, why? Let's make some observations.

1. Self-expression.
Many people blogg, because this is giving them a retrospection, an insight on their lives, on their way of living. Also, it's motivating and charges you with a form of special power. Many of them say: "I created this blog because I just want to share of my thoughts… Like a diary." Why not? And there are some bloggers, who are very professional, specialized in different life and work spheres, but since they don’t have other measures of expression, they use internet. Blog is the (second?) best tool for do that. Well, maybe first! But why, a little later...

Internet is quite developed nowadays, and the opportunity, to become famous, even only online, or even only for my-self, is rewarding. That's a possible way, a step forward, to afterwards do it for real in the real life. Blogging is what people need to organize thoughts, ideas and plans.

2. Glory.
The vanity was, it still is and will always be a part of a human being. Is there any need to be surprised about that, then? We want to be famous! How many new amazing people have you come to know, since you are enjoying your blogging. Joe Vitale, John Fogerty, Kim Bassinger…
Would you ever know them, if you haven't read their blogs?

3. Job.
For many, blogging is a real time job. Companies hire people with good skills, to write about their new products and their announcements. Like I write in my reviews, of various Click bank affiliate products. The average salary of such a blogger in US, is equal to $2,5-3 thousands per month, or even more.
Could you be one of them? I know it can be done, with a little help from your friends online, that will guide you through the steps to make money online.

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4. Sales of their own products.
Through the means of Internet, we can start selling our products globally, worldwide. In no time, after our digital - multimedia products are polished, we can start to sell them online. Especially if we have an electronic product, like an e-Book or some audio or video instructions, some useful software, internet is the best way to place that. And people buy it. Blog can help us to realize our selling purposes.

For example, This one product, called "Blog Success - The $9,000 A Month Blogging System!", from a very successful and very helping author, Jack Humphrey, could well teach you, how can you succeed in your path to earn money with blog
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5. Sales of affiliate products.
Recently, new affiliate techniques appeared, which can help anyone to sell various affiliate products. Can you use your blog to help you do just that? Check out  what products are available in the Click-bank products database, you can be almost 100% sure, you can find something there or elsewhere.

6. To Help Others.
Sure, why not? I'm certain that in your browsing career, you have found many blogs of family doctors, computer engineers and even zoo workers, which are writing about what should help us in various critical situations. A lot of different non-profit organizations, also provide helpful knowledge for free. I used a few tips here and there and everywhere I could. And I'm very grateful for their work!

You may want to read this other post on my blog.

7. Online Money Making
Eventually, people ARE blogging to make money with blogging . Look at many blogs, that are a big business. From 5 - 50 thousands of dollars per month - I can be honest, I’d like that to! I wont be disappointed, if one day comes, when my blogging will bring me some $18,000 in a month! Some  blog to make an even huger business. I read somewhere, that Engadget made more than $100,000 per month. You will probably agree with my opinion, that these people hardly have any financial problems. :)

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To conclude this blog review, let's make a quick resume...

So, those 7 reasons, in my opinion, are the greatest incentive, to make, write and run a personal web-log.
Motives are various, from self-image to money making, from helping others, to helping one-selves.
We may have different opinions and beliefs, different start points, end goals, different skins-colors and languages, but nevertheless, in a way, we are not so different after all.
Blogging unites us all.It's a new way to be connected and this time, we are connected globally.  You see, I came from a small village of 50 or so houses. There are different feelings between the villagers, different  relationships than in a big city. There have been so many changes, from the time I was jumping around in my shorts, not knowing what  the future is bringing me. Now, the whole world is just a village, and in the village, everybody knows everybody, and everybody could be helpful to each other.
So let’s create our blogs, let's promote them and let's enjoy in this process,, this science of getting rich, because using these 7 big opportunities in our lives, is helping, helping us and others, helping to become better, to help others better and to live better... someday...hopefully - soon...

Renato Rener - EzineArticles Expert Author